Eau de Vie water filtration system sales have rocketed within the hospitality sector since the recent Hotelympia 2012. With increased interest towards its purpose and profit, Eau de Vie is now being installed into many additional sites within Britain, those being 5-star and fine dining venues.

We have had great success in installing a number of Table Top Units into Amazing Retreats unique venues, one of which being Spitbank Fort, an exclusive sea fortress in the Solent.

Eau de Vie has increased customer awareness during the current recession, as we head into a demanding summer period. It is important to reduce costs and carbon footprint during this time and Eau de Vie will help you to achieve this with the perfect, profitable and eco-friendly solution. When it comes to purchasing bottled mineral water, you have no choice but to also pay for the transportation and waste collection. So why not reduce both your cost and carbon footprint with our alternative to bottled water.

(Eau de Vie is demonstrated by Classeq at Hotelympia)

edv demo (Eau de Vie is demonstrated by Classeq at Hotelympia)

The water filtration system produces a constant supply of filtered water delivered straight from the local mains and served in reusable bottles.

Eau de Vie offers a high profit potential so why not reduce your costs and make a profit!